IT'S NOT WHAT YOU MAKE, IT'S WHAT YOU KEEP - We help estate agents make and keep more of their hard earned fees

Become An Independent Contractor With Virtual Realty South Africa and Keep 100% Of Your Hard Earned Commissions

Imagine if you never had to split your commission with your principal or paid franchise fees ever again. How would that feel?

You know, you don't have to go through what I went through for many years as an agent and franchisee. I put in hours upon hours of blood, sweat and tears, worked very hard to build up my business, I earned more, but my "reward" was that I then had to pay more in splits and royalties.

My gripe was, that except for a few certificates and trophies, I did not get anything more in return from them. I could never work out the sense in this. I was so frustrated, in the end I quit, got out and went about creating a better, simpler and fairer business model. A model which would put the agent first, not the other way round.

In this model you as the Independent Contractor estate agent:

  • Keep 100% all your hard earned commissions from Rand one - no gimmicks like capping, royalties etc. Keep 100% from the first rand you earn
  • No investment like licensing or franchise fees to join - you only pay a low monthly fee
  • A fast key turn solution that will have you set up within a matter of hours
  • We provide a "business in a box" solution, saving you time and money in set-up and marketing costs
  • No worries about PPRA audited financial reports and other compliance issues
  • A flexible model where you are not dictated to - you decide which service providers such as attorneys and bond originators you want to use
  • Your name or ours - you decide whether you want to operate under our name or yours
  • You decide if you want to operate virtually or have an office/shopfront
  • We offer you support, camaraderie, but you have autonomy
  • Full scalability - build your team as big as you want with no additional fees
  • No area operating constraints - list and sell where you want
  • No micro-management - you are not a child, you don't need to report your every move to us
  • Earn Recruitment Bonuses monthly, and build a passive income forever

No hidden fees - your monthly fee includes all these business tools:

Property24, Private Property, Gumtree and more
A world class CRM system which automatically imports leads and sends out automated emails, sms's, whatsapp links and chatbot messages; Email marketing; Digital business card; Marketing funnels; Automated follow-up; Media library; Social media pack with graphics, videos, pre-written ads and so much more
Your own CMAinfo user account

Virtual Realty is an innovative, revolutionary brand and industry disruptor since 2020. We are empowering both individual real estate professionals and established agencies to take control of their future and bring an entirely new level of service to clients.

Partner with us today, build your team as big as you want with no additional fees charged to you. Live the life, Live your dream.

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