Who is Virtual Finance?

Virtualfinance.co.za (Powered By Virtual Realty) is not your normal real estate agency who acts as an aggregator for home loans with the normal banks.

Yes we do that, we apply to ten different financiers, if you're a buyer, you can apply here for a pre-qualification certificate and home loan, but we also have other exciting products to offer.

We will 'shop-around' for great deals on products like personal loans, home loans, car loans, debt consolidation loans, insurance, and many other financial products.

By being selective of who we work with it allows us to carefully compare different providers to get you a good price and the most suitable product for you. We have providers who offer niche products which are tailor made to your unique situation. One such product is our loans to homeowners who are under debt review or blacklisted.

Best of all, it's Free to Apply so you have nothing to lose. Simply complete the questionnaire and we will give you your options.

Yes, you read correctly, even Blacklisted and Under Debt Review homeowners are Welcome to apply.

Homeowners, Talk To Us If You Need To Access Credit - unlock the equity in your home to settle your debt.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by debt? Out of options with nowhere else to turn? We can use the value in your home to put you back on the road to a stable financial future.

We help you get out of debt and debt review.

We unlock the value in your home to get you out of debt and debt review. We'll also give you access to credit - at the lowest interest rates - when no one else will.

We help you leave your judgements behind.

Are you in arrears with your accounts? Got judgements against you? We can help you get out of arrears and get rid of judgements on your credit profile by unlocking the value in your home.

With our help, you can:

Get out of
debt review
Settle accounts
in arrears
Have judgements
against you removed
Cover education
Pay back
family and friends

What is home equity?

When we refer to the value in your home, we're talking about something called home equity - this is the difference between what you owe on your bond and what your home is currently worth. At Virtual Finance, we can help you access the equity in your home to get you out of debt.

Estimated property value

Outstanding bond


Homebuyer, get pre-approved for a home loan today

Whether you're looking to buy or ready to put in an offer, we recommend you get pre-approved. Do it yourself with our online Bond Indicator tool or get expertly verified by an expert before submitting your offer.

Homeowner, do you need a loan?

Get a loan...(even if you're blacklisted or under debt review)!

Alternatively Whatsapp the word "Finance" to 084 635 9717